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            It is easy to find an alternative to metal or wooden luggage racks. Luggage racks are mostly used in guest-rooms of hotels and resorts, and some of them are used in families as well. Luggage racks, whether it is metal or wooden, are divided into two types each. For metal luggage racks, chrome and stainless steel are available. For wooden luggage racks, mortise-and-tenon joint and screw joint are waiting for your choice. 

            We provide luggage racks from the end of 2008. Our customers consist of hotels and resorts of the USA, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Singapore and UAE. We also offer deluxe wooden hangers, eco-friendly bamboo hangers, space-saving metal hangers and so on. Check out our website and we do hope that you could be our next customer!
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